Delta Resonator Cones, Delta R C

Delta Resonator Cones, Delta R C

Sounds from the Heart!

cone and biscuit

Hear me!

Deep South demo (Tim Smithies)
High Country demo (Tim Smithies)

Compare me!

Ashbury with the old cone
Ashbury with the High Country cone (Jon Ingram)

Ukulele resonator cones

Cover plates now available

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Single cones

Deep South

Single 6" cone and biscuit. Ideal for instruments that would benefit from a rich bass response, clear and warm mid-tones and a bright treble. Loud and clear.

High Country

Single 6" cone and biscuit to add more punch to the treble range whilst still providing warm, clear mid-tones and good bass. Superb volume.

7.5" and Big Boss 9.5" cones also available.

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Mandolin body top