Delta Resonator Cones, Delta R C

Delta Resonator Cones, Delta R C

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Please note: we ship within 7 days of receiving your order.


Deep South or High Country
6" cone £45.00
Biscuit to suit £15.00

Post and Packing

including our custom-made protective box and insurance
UK £12.00
Outside UK £15.00

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cone and biscuit


Upgrade your mandolin's sound

The best upgrade you can get. A single, hand spun resonator cone and biscuit made in the UK using the best aluminium and the finest seasoned Canadian Maple.

6 inch National style resonator cones

Available in Deep South or High Country varieties. Choose Deep South for warm, bass boost or High Country for a bright, punchy sound. Your mandolin will sound much louder, whichever variety you choose and the more you play it, the better it will sound.
Once heard forever played.

Please tell us the make of your mandolin when ordering.

We make 6" cones (Chinese instruments) or 5 7/8" cones (National or NRP instruments) and we need to know which size you need.

How to fit the upgrade:

Just remove your old cone and replace it with the new one. The only tricky part is setting the height of the bridge. Note: The biscuit should never be cut whilst connected to the cone as the cone is very thin and easily damaged. We sell cones and biscuits separately.

If you are unsure about fitting a cone, please consult a professional.


We only send out cones in our own packaging to protect them from damage in transit.

NEW! We can again supply the full resonator kit including well, cone and biscuit and cover plate.

Also, we can now supply a 7.5" cone and the Big Boss, a 9.5 inch single cone, and a biscuit that will suit all 9.5 inch cones.

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